Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Short Paragraphs: I Am Number Four

2011, DJ Caruso (mostly a TV guy but he did do The Salton Sea, which was great!) -- download

Not sure why I downloaded this one. Maybe it was my interest to see what else in the teen genre fiction scene was like -- like Hunger Games, hate Twilight. Maybe it was because it was about pretty teenagers with super powers. Maybe I was interested in a CGI night. Came at it with little expectations and got a little more than I asked for.

For one, I got Timothy Olyphant as the mentor/soldier/protector of our titular (heh, tit) alien Prince John. He carries the weight well and lends some credibility to this whining refugee from a War in Space. Too bad he has to fill in the Sacrifice Trope so soon though, thus allowing the "hero" to understand his place in things. Secondly, we get Kevin Durand as the alien badguy. Weird alien badguys that do a bad job of disguising themselves as Keanu-Neo style aliens out to kill sequentially numbered targets. Yeah, as long as you were long down in the number list you could probably just hide on earth for quite a few leisurely years. You don't have to join the battle like the sexy Number Six does. We don't ever know what happens to Number Five. Oh yeah, he's just biding his time.

These kind of scifi movies don't really pay attention to the science part of the genre. Lil doggies can transmogrify into giant bear-ankylosaurus and back again without the worries of mass. Like X-Men, aliens can transmit energy without an ample source -- oh they get tired but just a little. Still, they are a fun romp blowing things up real good.