Sunday, July 31, 2011

3 Short Paragraphs: Black Death

2010, Christopher Smith (a british director of B horror movies you see sitting on the shelf) -- download

Yes, as a D&D player I tend to rent/download/go see most movies that have swords in them be they with sandals, sorcerers or crusaders. Those not made by the SyFy Channel tend to be a bit better and those of European creation creep even higher up. And you would think that adding Sean Bean to the mix would raise it even further? Nah, you just know he's going to die a horrible death.

This one is the dark ages and probably rode on the coat tails of Season of the Witch, hoping to cash in on DVD rentals the way all those similar plot, kind of similar named, straight to DVD movies do. So it's about men with swords who work for the Church and hunt down witch type folks who are accused of bringing the plague. This time our ensemble band of witch-hunters who travel with quite the impressive piece of witch torturing machinery, is heading out to find a village that is said to have avoided all plague. No disease. So it must be witch craft.

We find that the village, through a liberal dose of clean living, isolation and herbal medicines have managed to avoid catching or transmitting the disease. Oh, and they are also led by an evil witch. She's an evil witch that has the good intentions of the village in mind but she's evil none the less. Take my word for it, no misunderstood Wicca here. And she kills Sean Bean horribly.