Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 Short Paragraphs: Dylan Dog, Dead of the Night

2010, Kevin Munroe (from bathurst, NB?!?) - download.

Yeah, Dylan Dog. Let me preamble by saying its based on an italian comic book that I have never read. But its the sort of source material I love -- a normal guy who is mixed up in the world of supernatural even though he is mostly a mundane. Think of John Constantine trading his trench coat for a red shirt and sports jacket. I didn't read a page of these comics but to be blunt, I think only the die-hard fan would like this movie. Or loathe it more than I did for ruining their hero.

Simple supernatural world where there are humans and there are undead. Undead means everything not human: vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc. Seems to be based on a 7 year old's view of monster movies. If Dracula and Frankenstein come back from the dead and the Wolfman was created because the guy was attacked, he must have come back from the dead too, right? But they are alive enough for the vamps and weres to have children... Yeah, this was only one element of what I disliked about this movie.

Its just bad. Bad continuity. Bad acting. Decent set dressing but no real use of the world of New Orleans. Plot ambles all over the place, like the zombies, but with less panache. Is it dark? Is it satire? It doesn't know. I know I am getting older because I find myself yelling at the screen with too many, "Why the fuck did they just do that?!" Why did I persevere through my cinavia issues, I will never know.