Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Inception, briefly

2010, Christopher Nolan -- DVD

I spilled a few thoughts about Inception back when I first watched it and have had a debate or two with friends over it in the interim.  I won't staunchly defend the film because I don't love it like I love some movies (it's far too cold and calculated a film to fall in love with) but I enjoyed it the first time around and I believe I enjoyed it even more the second. 

To my surprise, it holds up incredibly well upon second viewing primarily because the Nolan brothers have crafted a labyrinthine story, like a maze made out of a spiral.  It walks you through the puzzle, and even shows you how it was constructed, but for all the conceptualizing (and it's a seriously hard sci-fi concept that's actually deceptively simple) the journey working your way through it is remains thrilling.   I want to say Nolan's films -- Following, Memento, Batman Begins, the Prestige, The Dark Knight and this one -- are thinking-man's films, but that's not exactly accurate.  They are instead just incredibly and thoroughly well thought out films, calculated and calibrated like a Swiss watch.  They may be a little cold, emotionally, but they're exciting and engaging.  Even though I have the least fanboy reaction to Inception, after rewatching it, it might well be Nolan's best film, technically and conceptually.