Sunday, December 4, 2011

31 Days of Xmas: The Santa Clause

1994, John Pasquin (apparently he is Tim Allen's director) -- download

When I was a kid, I loved any movie that explained more of the mythology of Santa. Give me more details on how he gets around the world in one night.  Explain the flying reindeer and sleigh.  How long has he been around? Chimneys? Fireplaces? Store bought toys vs toy making elves?  Explain everything to me!!  And as Kent knows, I am still pretty much that guy, loving all the background details to any fantastical story.

The Santa Clause asks the question you didn't know had to be asked, "What happens if Santa falls off your roof?"  You figgered  they would have covered that decades ago and given the jolly fat elf a bungie cord or something, but alas no. If he does and you are present, and you are nice enough to put on the suit, you are then bound by honor to be Santa.  What happens to the disappeared guy?  Honestly, I think that is how they get off the hook.  Been doing it for a few decades?  Fall off some poor slob's roof and this is your get out of jail free card.

So he falls off Tim Allen's roof, a single dad with the initials SC working for a toy company.  Scott Calvin is a bit of a dick pissed off at his ex-wife, neglectful of his son and a downright ass to his ex's new beau. When he assumes the mantle of Santa Claus he finishes the night with his son, who downright jumps in joy for the job.  From there a trip to the North Pole is made where things are explained. The elves (elfs?) are minute ever-children probably older than the last SC. They set the new SC straight and send him home for a year of ... evolving. Jelly belly, white hair and beard and an innate ability to know nice from naughty (wink wink) is his legacy but also his detriment because, you know, Santa's not real and Calvin must be going nuts. But of course, he begins to accept his new role and rebuild his relationship with his son and by the end he is SC for real, even being acknowledged by a whole neighbourhood of passersby. I would have loved to seen the news reports after that eventful Xmas eve.