Wednesday, December 7, 2011

31 Days of Xmas: Eureka and Warehouse 13

Nothing like the two shows you watch, which are on hiatus, each having an Xmas special !  I think the idea was stolen from Doctor Who which has an Xmas special every year since 2005, despite the wonkiness of British scheduling.  And with American shows adopting the same wonkiness (Community anyone?!?!) I think they are more than making up for it with an Xmas special.

Eureka calls this one the first episode of the final season, season 5.  Some of the gang have gone into space, on their way to Mars, while the rest are left in Eureka in the same altered timeline with which we started season 4.  Now, to start we have the night before Xmas and Jack wants it to snow.  Wait, isn't this Oregon?  I thought it snows everywhere in Oregon?  Only the mountains?  Poo.  Anywayz, while Jack is trying to get snow again, the kids hack into a power source for a holotoy and BOOM, all of Eureka is a cartoon.  And not just one cartoon but many styles!!  From Hanna Barbera with talking cars (Sheldon's a jeep?!?!) to stop-motion animation (Taggert should have been a yeti not a polar bear) to anime, it was all hilarious.  Most of Eureka is like eating too much candy but this one was peppermint flavored and perfect!

Meanwhile Warehouse 13 took it's cue from It's a Wonderful Life or more accurately, The Greatest Gift, the original story by Philip Van Doren Stern.  Pete is replacing an artifact in Aisle Noel (Christmas Island?) when he gets wammied by a brush from the origin story.  He is effectively wiped from reality. And the rest of the story is him grabbing all the regulars of the series together again for a touching reminder of what they mean to each other and what they do for each other, and the warehouses. Of course, I imagine Pete's ego was pumped up by the idea that without him, things pretty much fell apart.  Great episode but I definitely need an itemized list of artifacts in that aisle.  I suppose zuzu's petals would have been too obvious and probably copyrighted.