Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Horror: Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

2009, Yoshihiro Nishimura -- download

What can be said about this genre of absurdist Japanese horror-comedy?  It is all about being gory, offensive, outrageous and over the top.  That the genre chooses some classic monster ideas this time is just the structure. But really, that is no more ludicrous than the sexploitation movies of America which attached any sub-genre to the chance to show lots of bared breasts and horny men.

The movie starts with the standard melodramatic monologue of a male character bemoaning the circumstances that got him into this situation as he leads a wounded girl along a seaside road. Immediately they are set upon by three stitched together girls of the gothic lolita variety and Vampire Girl reveals herself.  The short battle is beyond silly as she first strips the flesh from one frankie lolita with her teeth in a method that reminds one of peeling apples.  She makes similar work of the other two, stacking their clacking skulls in a pile. Offensive scene one?  Vampire Girl can generate weapons from her blood and with a long arm spike, impales one frankie in the manner that many Japanese horror anime do; and then twists and turns gleefully until the spike pops out the top of her head. Three dead frankenstein chicks and one blood soaked vampire chick.

The movie then flashes back to the story that led to this battle. It pulls out all the usual anime/manga plot elements of high school kids, the new transfer student, jealous girlfriends and over enthusiastic school clubs.  There is some amusing commentary in referencing the cutter club that have competitions of wrist slashing. Offensive scene two? The school ganguro girls, that are said to use makeup techniques that smack of blackface, are beyond the suggestion of it and are definitely trying to be black.  And in the most offensive stereotypes you can come up with.  The Japanese must be jaded about severed limbs and spurting blood every ten seconds to add this to the movie, just to shock us.

Vampire Girl wants pretty boy but his gothic lolita girlfriend denies her. Meanwhile the lolita's science teacher dad is doing Dr. Frankenstein experiments in the basement in kabuki costume (???) with his evil naughty nurse. I have no idea why the introduction of these characters looks like the combination of a music video and a game show, but it did.  Due to a crossing of the stars, vampire blood is found and introduced to Dr. Frank's experiments giving him his first animated flesh success.  And then his daughter dies in a confrontation with Vampire Girl. He is ecstatic as she gives him the perfect body to work on.

Yeah, you can guess where it goes. More deaths, gothic lolitas turned into frankie lolitas and battle scene after battle scene mixed with ridiculous melodrama of pretty boy being yearned after by his pretty exchange student vampire girlfriend. Its all intentional but I admit I had to pull most laughs out and just spent most of the time shaking my head.  They went all the way for the absurd just doing whatever took their fancy.  It was worth the watch to be introduced to  this genre but its not like I will be seeking out any more.