Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days of Horror: Triangle

2009, Christopher Smith (a few horror movies and Black Death, the most recent Sean Bean death scene) -- download

It's a slasher horror movie!  It's a time travel movie! It made my head hurt.  Yeah, I love time travel movies or movies about time loops or things that make me think about the ramifications of time travel.

So, we have a shell shocked young lady, Jess, get onboard a yacht owned by a friend. She along with a few more of his friends set off on (a 3 hour tour) a day trip off the coast of Florida.  OK, let me interrupt this plot description with a rant.  This is an Australian movie. Why is it set in Florida? Why are they trying so hard to make the movie an American movie? Because it's set in the Bermuda triangle? Maybe that was in the script but it's not in the movie as the only thing three sided in this movie is the yacht's name. You could surmise that the electrical storm that sweeps over them is their entrance into the Bermuda Triangle but its not like the movie leads you there. It annoys me that they people had to put on American accents and pretend that wasn't the Australian coast.  Oh well, off the coast of Florida they encounter a speedy storm that swamps their boat.

Soon after they float across the path of the grottiest cruise ship I have seen.  As they approach, sitting on the hull of their overturned yacht, they seen someone peering down from the rail.  But the person runs off without a word or a wave or a tossed rope.  Luckily the mooring steps are nearby and our castaways climb aboard.  An eerie exploration finds the ship completely empty but Jess starts seeing things out of the corner of her eyes and chases after.  It's not long before people start dying around her.

It's also not long before she bumps into what is really going on, running into another version of all her dead friends and then... of herself. The most chilling reveal is finding about a score of bodies on a foredeck, all the same girl all dead in a similar manner.  The latest version is crawling away and as the life leaves her body, Jess realizes that as the last person dies the swamped yacht arrives again. She was the face peering down on them upon arrival. This has all happened before and again and again and again.  She knows that the only way to get off will be to kill off everyone, so the yacht appears again, and she can wave it off.  At least THAT version will escape and she can get back to her son.

Do these things ever go as planned?  No, she is tossed overboard and ends washed up on the shoreline.  Very quickly she discovers it is indeed Florida and weirdly, on foot, makes her way back home.  The time loop starts before she even left.  This is where it gets even weirder and my head began to hurt for as the movie comes to a close we realize the shell shocked girl we saw earlier was actually from an earlier iteration of the loop having already gone through the storm and the cruise ship and the killings.

Loopity loop but where did it begin?  The paradox is so thick you can smell it as there does not appear to ever have been a beginning. But SOME version of Jess must have started the journey before looping back to kill off her earlier/later self.  I haven't wrapped my head around it yet but give me a few more days to scratch.