Monday, October 10, 2011

3 Short Paragraphs: Fall 2011 (pt 6)

I am not sure what kind of person may have watched The Girls Next Door and thought, "That's the kind of girl I wish I was."  I am not narrow minded about such things but they were not exactly the best role models in the world. So, then who in their right mind would devise a show (The Playboy Club) where the monologuing dialogue of Hugh Hefner makes us reminisce about the good ol'days where girls who dressed up in bunny costumes were the kind of girls who "could be anything they want".  Rhetorical question.  At least the faux married girl/beard claims its all about the money.  Not even the mobster story can drag this mess out into a proper drama. I guess this is the show for people who don't get that Mad Men is a critique of that period.

In the same ilk of worshipping something going on in a previous era is Panam.  Remember when the world was smaller and going from one continent to another was something only the rich did? Or soldiers.  A stewardess would have been truly the only way for some to travel, to see cities around the world.  But of course we have to add spies and revolutionaries and infidelity to that plot to make it appealing.  I suspect this is a show for grandmothers to watch with their granddaughters and wax nostalgic about when they had fewer choices of independence.

So we had girls who were bunnies and girls who were stewardesses.  Now what else do the girls of TV want to be when they grow up?  WITCHES !!  The Secret Circle is a CW production of sexy witchcraft in a small coastal town.  Where I thought Suburgatory was based on teen novels, this one definitely is. Cassie's mom just died and she drives up the coast to live with her grandmother.  Almost immediately she is tossed into the secret circle, that doesn't seem all that secret, of other local teens who are witches with meagre powers --- Cassie is welcomed because she completes the circle and enhances their power.  BTW, her mom was killed by a creepy guy who turns out to be the daddy of one of the girls.  This is the Twilight of witches with dreamy forest scenes and longing looks, dressed up in the expensive clothes of The CW where girls wear full faces of makeup to bed and wear clothes outside their highschool non-budget.