Monday, October 23, 2017

31 Days of Halloween 2017: Incarnate

2016, Brad Peyton (San Andreas) -- download

OK, this is one of our cheats, to fill in the blanks. Because, to be honest, by this point in the month, things had petered out. Work was overwhelming and I was coming home later and later.

Possessions seem to be a popular thing of late, not at the level of vampires or zombies over the years, but still, an up-tick of such movies and TV shows. But you can only do so many straight forward "family having issues, bring in the unorthodox Catholic priest" plots. Something different, like Outcast, is always a death rattle or grave air. Incarnate brings in the idea of what is happening inside the mind that is possessed, what is going on with the person while the demon runs the body. The expert of diving into the minds of said possessed is Dr. Seth Ember (Aaron Eckhart), wheelchair bound and still suffering the trauma of the loss of his wife & child to a demon possession.

Despite the reviews that beg to differ, I found this one not so bad. At the very least, it was novel in its approach, if pedestrian in its path. It just isn't different enough. Someone is always brought in on a tough case, an important case, one that greater things hinge on. The best comment from one of the reviews I read, likened Ember to Constantine, which is on the nose. Ember is supposed to be that not-so-Catholic guy who knows more than the supposed experts on demonic possession. But they didn't explore THAT aspect enough to satisfy me, in the end.