Thursday, October 26, 2017

31 Days of Halloween 2017: Creep

2014, Patrick Brice (The Overnight) -- Netflix

This one has stuck with me. Its another from the list of standard recommendations but the premise never caught. But near the end of this month's event, we always just go "nope nope nope nope" and finally settled on, "OK, sure why not."

Its another Found Footage movie, but not from the usual fare. A guy answers a Craig's List posting where someone needs to record footage of a couple of days of his life. In order to leave a legacy for his coming son, as he is dying of cancer. So, guy with camera shows up to house in the woods. Not creepy house, just a twisty, windy house at the top of some long steps. And guy is fucking weird, that uncomfortable guy who is too open, too touch-feely and really, just creeps you out. Thus the movie's title.

But camera guy needs the money and buys into the sob story. Big mistake.

Eventually he figures our our creep is just that, some lying weirdo with no discernible agenda other than getting this camera guy to be his friend. Every encounter is weirder, until things start getting downright criminal. The movie does a wonderful job of just driving us out of our skin. With a personality mixing up a car salesman, a needy new-ager and a dangerously mentally damaged individual, the creep just keeps on escalating the connectivity until... well, until we learn his true agenda.