Friday, October 13, 2017

31 Days of Halloween 2017: Ghost Wars

2017, SyFy -- download

Not covered under this run was the cheesy but not in an intentional way Midnight, Texas based on the other popular book series by True Blood writer Charlaine Harris. In the show a young psychic on the run from someone ends up in a small town that has a vampire, a witch, an angel, a demon, a weretiger and a sexy assassin. The psychic has the ability to see the dead, and it often causes him grief.

In Ghost Wars a young man in small town Alaska can see the dead. He is just about to leave the small town when an earthquake strikes killing everyone on the bus but him. But the earthquake was more the doom bell tolling and suddenly evil ghosts are everywhere, driving people mad and keeping them from leaving. And psychic kid has to save the town.

Its actually much more compelling than the other show, mainly because it has a darker, grittier feel. Its oh so Canadian (shot in Squamish, BC, not Alaska) full of the usual suspects and Kim Coates, finally playing a not so bad guy. And it has an evil lab facility, so if you wanted to apply pithy labels, you might call it Midnight, Texas meets Stranger Things.

Unrelated, I am still rather taken aback that I have finally identified the cliff face that I have been seeing in recurring dreams for about 30 years. In these dreams, I see the town on the side of a lake. On the other side of the lake is a massive cliff face, a mountain side shorn off. That mountain side is in Squamish and plays a prevalent backdrop in the show. The only thing I can imagine is that the cross-Canada trip my family did when I was 13 passed through this area, and the majestic scene took hold in my psyche.

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