Friday, October 9, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015: The Quiet Ones

2014, John Pogue (writer Ghost Ship, Rollerball) -- download

Jared Harris in two horror movies in a row, is now our GoTo Guy for ghost hunters, as he was basically the same character in this movie and Poltergeist, albeit altered by his time between the 1970s to now.

Harris plays Professor Joseph Coupland who is running an experiment on a young girl named Jane. Jane has pretty much been possessed since childhood, but Coupland doesn't believe in possession. Jane must be manifesting telekinetic abilities and if manipulated properly, she can expel all this negative energy as a single entity, named by Jane as Evie. The professor has some loyal followers helping him and brings in Sam Claflin (Finnick in The Hunger Games) as a new cameraman.

This is actually a Hammerfilm, and if you watch it in that context it is actually much better. Hammerfilms are expected to be a bit cheesy and over the top but taking themselves very very seriously. This movie definitely wants to be a creepy exploration of psychic powers that prove themselves to be something much more dark. Alas, as a stand alone movie, I am not sure how it ended up on so many Best Of 2014 lists, as it was only acceptable.

Olivia Cooke is quite good as Jane, the child not allowed to grow up, but possessed of an alluring / scary look & feel. As the rest of the cast was limited, there could have been much more detailed and attentive use of the actors, but really, it wasted the opportunity. Cookie cutter sex triangles and conflict was not as intriguing as the potential of what the truth behind Jane could have been. But was the truth satisfying?  No, not really. And to be a proper Hammer ending, there needed to be much more melodramatic of a climax.

Again, great poster though.