Friday, October 30, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015: Late Phases

2014, Adrián García Bogliano -- download

So, follow werewolves on a train with werewolves in a retirement village. Yes, seriously.

In the world of indie horror, often the concept is king. The execution is secondary, because getting enough funding to hire & film is primary and what is left over is used for effects and whatever. This time it really shows. They pump all the budget into the skin ripping scenes, ever popular since The Howling and very very little to the actual were. Its a little better than the man in a fur suit from Blood Moon but not much better.

Marmy downloaded this one because it stars Nick Damici from Stake Land. He is not old enough to be playing the retired Vietnam veteran in this movie, but add a bit of white makeup to his hair and we are supposed to buy it. I didn't.

Basically a young guy, Ethan Emry who bought it after only one episode on The Walking Dead dumps his dad in a nice, small retirement village on the edge of a big, bad wood. Residents keep on being eaten by a wild dog, one that jumps fences, plows through doors and rips the residents to shreds. But the local sheriff doesn't care. At first I thought he must be in on it, but no, the movie isn't that smart. They want to stress this is the place where people go to die and dispense with any plot holes that might create.

Its a terrible movie. Damici shows up, angry at his son, angry and snippy at everyone else, but kicks it into high gear after hearing his neighbour torn apart. Oh, forgot to mention -- he is blind and refuses a cane (even though its been years) and only gets really angry after his dog is torn apart. No, this is no John Wick. So, Viet Vet (are Vietnam vets still a thing in anyone's mind?) finds the local silver bullet smith (yes, the town has one) and goes up against the born again Christian werewolf, said man in the fur suit. And some senior citizen weres he creates for good measure. The vet defeats them and dies in uniform. Sigh.