Wednesday, October 7, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015: iZombie S2E1

2015, The CW -- TV

Wait, have I ever used a tagged to infer I actually watched this on broadcast TV ? Weird. Also weird, but I did this back in 2011 with The Walking Dead, not broadcast, but used the first episode of the season as one of the night's viewing cheats. Also, I am surprised this show didn't already make it into an I Am Watching or One Episode post. Weird.

Diane Ruggiero & Rob Thomas, who were responsible for Veronica Mars, loosely adapt the Mike Allred comic (which I have not read), to focus on a girl who is a zombie, but not the shambling undead type, just a normal dead white girl with a thirst for brains. If she doesn't regularly chow down on them, she can become a ravenous monster. She was made a zombie after an ill fated boat party. The fact there are not tons of ravenous creatures out there is either not explained, or glossed over -- I cannot remember -- but Liv Moore (get it?) survives because of her job at the morgue. The side effect of eating brains is that you get memory flashes and personality traits of the eaten dead.

Liv pretends she is a psychic and works with Detective Babineaux to fight crime. Meanwhile her family & friends feel alienated as her (hidden) zombie state has derailed her life. She doesn't explain the dead white skin & hair, nor her reclusive attitudes, but as the first season progressed, and through the friendship of Ravi (who I assumed was named Robbie throughout most of season 1) she regains some semblance of humanity, while investigating a cure and foiling the plans of a master zombie who feeds the undead of Seattle through his hipster butcher shop. And breathe. That was a hell of a sentence.

Season 2 picks up with her having reverted an evil master zombie, and her ex-fiance (Major Lillywhite -- best zombie name ever), to human form -- two separate guys, BTW.  The latter was because she had to "convert" him to save his life (after which she immediately cured him) and the former, to foil his nefarious plans to create a criminal underground of zombies. Meanwhile she couldn't cure herself, because she used it all up, nor provide her brother with a life saving blood transfusion because... well, because, you know. Instant family rift.

This show is just pure fun.

So, here is Liv once again on the outs with her ex-fiance, still playing psychic buddy to a cop and still at odds with the evil master (ex)zombie. Their not at all realistic banter is the best ("Whitey Shamblemore begs to differ"), especially considering they are supposed to hate each other. The conspiracy of the evil energy drink company continues, and is expands, as they monitor Liv and her friends.  As with many first episodes of the second season, they don't try and reinvent the wheel, just let it roll. Further plot expansion will happen as they pick up things, like how the Utopian street drug will play into things, and how are the city's zombies feeding themselves now that the hipster butcher is gone.

I like this show.