Wednesday, October 5, 2016

31 Days of Halloween 2016: Ghostbusters

2016, Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) -- download

No, I am not stuttering. This is the other Ghostbusters, the new one.  And the extended one, to boot, which I didn't know as it was a pirate of the not yet actually released Bluray edition. The weird thing is that the extended bits (but the dance number) all fit in well and actually would make for some weird confusing scenes if they had been left out. So you cinematic viewers, I am not sure what you got.

So, right out with it. I was not one of the camp that was annoyed, upset or perturbed they were doing an all female version of the beloved 80s all-male movie. You see, I am not a disgusting Troll. I don't see any reason to be upset -- re-using old material is the motus operandi of Hollywood these days. The trouble is, the remakes are just not usually very good. Neither was this. It was, in true fashion, a very fun popcorn movie that I have already pretty much burped out, i.e. I don't recall much of it.

Also right out with hit, I am just not a fan of the Paul Feig movies of late. I saw Spy where I admit I was also not a fan of Melissa McCarthy movies and probably for the same reasons -- not my brand of humour. I am also not a big fan of the current cast of SNL, but at least Kristen Wiig can crack a smile on my usually sullen face. I don't like Leslie Jones's humour either, but I am a small man scared of large, loud women so there is that.

Now, that probably spun into me not really liking any of the characters in the core ghost-busting crew. Kristen Wiig was a jerk, Melissa McCarthy was a jerk and Kate MacKinnon was more weird, but also a bit of a jerk. But Leslie Jones are grreeeeeeat !!  Seriously, I loved the character she was playing who was simultaneously the audience's view into the weird ghost world these ladies were mixed up in and a stabilizing factor for the team. She was so much more than the add-on throw-away part Ernie Hudson was in the original. Spin off Patty coda please.

But yeah, I didn't go for the core gang very much. I also didn't buy into the rebootish nature; I agree with Kent that maybe a new sequel would have been a better choice. I get the need to smack on the nostalgia for the first movies but once the winks and nods were out of they way, there didn't seem to be any charm left in the movie. And the whole climax went way overboard and made for odd choices -- seriously, if you can punch the ghosts, then why the proton packs? You don't really need to do any capturing to begin with.

This is a movie where individual scenes are fun to watch. Kevin, the sweet but oh so dumb & pretty secretary, is hilarious but the dance number, made for a good credit closer, was just stupid inside the movie. The gearing up was fun, but mostly pointless to the plot. The ghosts were oh so pretty much nothing really scary nor innovative. Slimer was back, again not explained at all (only the cartoon ever attempted to do that) and literally seemed to have another movie off camera -- I wonder if they are doing a MCU style coda for him. But when you gather the movie all together, I cannot ever think of a reason to see the movie again. Nothing stands out, nothing excited me, nothing really made me laugh out loud. The movie really needed to be weeded out and much more focused. Less nostalgia, more innovation.