Sunday, October 2, 2016

31 Days of Halloween 2016: Ghostbusters

1984, Ivan Reitman (Dave) -- Netflix

Shut up, it has ghosts in it.

The original, the better of the two. If I was going to comment on the new one, I would have to re-watch the old one first as it has been years. And funny enough, it stood up as I knew it would. OK, maybe the effects are pretty bad, but for the day they were pretty spectacular. And the jokes, mostly the little ones, still make me laugh.

This is a Bill Murray movie but to the team, I never really understood his contribution. He's a perpetual student, and a fake researcher, who does hold degrees but I doubt he knows any real science. I guess he's that drinking buddy who you keep around because he makes you laugh.  As Kent mentioned, there really is no detail as to what brings these guys together.

As years have gone by I find myself dispensing with my initial annoyance at Rick Moranis's role, as the oblivious nerd was grating to me back then. But now, even more so knowing he ad libbed a lot of it his delivery is so spot on. "Nice doggie," as he is about to be... consumed by the demon dog. To this day, I wonder what the diners sitting near the window saw. Nothing? Or were they just typical New Yorkers who saw something weird and went on with their meal.

So, tell me, what exactly is Slimer? All the other ghosts are either people or astral projections of an idea. Is Slimer some sort of embodiment of a deceased person's gluttony?

So, the new one will be out of Bluray soon, who ya gonna call?