Monday, December 9, 2013

X Days of Xmas: 3 Godfathers

In 2011, we attempted the 31 Days of Xmas, but failed miserably forgetting how the season takes hold of even a family of two. In 2012, we never even tried. We? J and I as this is our own little endeavour and the 'reviews' are just a by-product. But this year, by combining a number we already have downloaded and a few we will find as the days go by, we hope to watch X number of Xmas movies -- i.e. no commitment !!

Tokyo Godfathers, which might actually be properly review later on, is one of my prime examples of how Anime can transcend its reputation of being all giant robots, giant boobs and big eyes. This one is a brilliant story, adapted from an old movie called 3 Godfathers, about three homeless people in Tokyo who find an infant and return it to its mother, via a series of Christmas based coincidences.  We had not seen the original movie, so it was about time.

3 Godfathers is a western set in the Arizona desert, where three amiable bank robbers escape justice only to find a family trapped in the desert. Dad has gone mad, destroying their only water source and running off. Mom gives birth, and dies, leaving the infant in the care of the three robbers: John Wayne's Hightower, Pete Fuerte and the Abilene Kid. The trio assumes the role of godfather forgetting their own escape and seeking only to get the baby to safety, before all provisions run out. And the posse is hot on their tail.

These are not just amiable bank robbers but strangely moral men, for criminals with wanted posters. It really plays up the western movie idea of the desperadoes being the heroes of the west, as much as they were criminals. Each of these guys are willing to lay down their life to get the kid to safety.

Its an Xmas movie as it all happens around Christmas day. There is also a theme that these guys are the new three wisemen, being guided by the north star to New Jerusalem. But really, all three are delirious from lack of food and dehydration so... There is not much else Xmas-y about it but for this allusion and as a period movie, it is heart warming. Its just not that good of a movie though, with stereotypical unsophisticated acting and dialogue. To be honest, the anime remake is much much better.