Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3 short paragraphs: Skyline

2010, The Strause Brothers

The thoroughly enjoyable podcast "How Did This Get Made" first talked trash about this film a few month's back, and then had the chance to interview the film's producer (at the end of their "Wicker Man" episode). Without repeating everything they say there, let's first start with this is a terrible film.

An alien invasion happens shortly after an L.A. penthouse house party in a totally underpopulated apartment building. The stragglers from the party and their hosts are awoken with not just a massive hangover, but the threat of mass alien abduction. They witness huge clouds manifest underneath massive hovering ships, then thousands upon thousands of people hoovered upwards into the sky.

The film's protagonists (used loosely) spend a lot of time arguing amongst each other about whether to leave the building or just hide, eventually settling upon a plan to leave, being unable to do so, and returning to the same apartment. This happens at least twice, losing members along the way each time. It's very silly. There's poor characterization, almost nonexistent story, and the invariable sequel set-up. It does, however, look terrific. It's essentially a special effects showpiece and it's impressive (and actually watchable) in this regard, there's just a lot of laughable script getting in the way. In some respects it's a companion piece to the equally (and IMO unfortunately) maligned Battle: L.A..