Monday, November 28, 2011

3 Short Paragraphs: How to Train Your Dragon

2010, Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders -- rewatch / Blu-Ray

When I first saw this movie in the theatre, I adored it.  I also knew it was going to be added to my collection of re-watchable animated movies.  But since acquiring the PS3, I have drifted to only buying things on Blu-Ray.  But I also normally refuse to buy movies full price so I spent the last year or so watching the re-sale bins at all the major sellers.  Finally, I found it in someone's bin and watched it that night.

Why do I love this movie?  It's not really about the dragon himself.  The Night Fury is beautiful in flight but really my soft spot is for the vikings.  These tough summabitches, who have established a way of life fighting off annoying dragons as if they were just the season's may flies, are both hilarious and inspiring.  I imagine they put no time at all into raiding the coasts of their nearest neighbours having to spend all that time on re-building their homes or ... well, making babies.  Cute movies don't mention the fact that people are eaten by the dragons, as much as the sheep, but really it has to happen. They are a tough, industrious folk with completely misplaced Scottish accents that just make me chuckle.

The movie is also very very dramatic.  The dragons, while comical in their cartoony look, are also pretty scary in what they can do. I very easily fall into the awe that they strike on the vikings of Berk. When things shift to the part of the story about the grand-daddy of all dragons, the sheer size of the beast is just staggering. I love watching the battle as the courageous vikings & dragons swoop and swipe at the nasty creature. The heights reached and the sheer destruction of the island they are on hits me on all the points where Michael Bay's movies never do.  I am not sure why it works so well for me but yeah, it must just be the D&D player in me.