Sunday, September 11, 2011

3 Short Paragraphs: X-Men: First Class

2011, Matthew Vaughn (first comic flick Kick-Ass is one of my favourite adaptations) -- cinema

It's funny, if I bounce this off of Kent's review it will come out as We Disagree, but in general I enjoyed the movie.  It just seems that with the exception of one thing, we liked different things about the movie. He was able to pull out the comic (book) elements and structure from the movie where I only saw annoying sub-plots and elements. But, before I get into that let's cover what we agreed on -- the lack of 60s spy plot. When I saw that this was to be a movie set in the 60s, I was really hoping for a stylish look to the movie built upon the eurospy genre that James Bond started back then. From clothing to architecture to attitude, this movie could have been a lot of fun. Alas, very little was really used.

But divulging myself from the 60s and back into the movie, I rather enjoyed the origin story of Eric/Magneto and his revenge trip around the world hunting nazis (for some reason, I almost typed zombies, which would have been a whole other movie, which I would have probably enjoyed) in contrast with the silly college hijinx of mind-reading Charley Xavier. I also rather enjoyed the sibling nee love-connection between Charles and Raven, amused by the fact that a man who reads minds cannot read body language so obvious. The story then led into the CIA tracking Shaw, played wonderfully wink-wink evil by Kevin Bacon, and the inevitable creation of a US mutant weapon force. But then the movie began to lose me as we lose the newly acquired mutant buddy squad almost as quickly as we got them and jump over to a connection with the (then) current event missile crisis.

I guess the whole Cuba part kind of lost me, not only because I really know nothing about the events then, but that I would have preferred the plot stick as a mutant vs mutant story.  It would have been fun to see a CIA backed mutant team fight a Shaw backed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (twisty moustaches required by all) ending in a betrayal by the government, leading to Magneto grabbing the remainders of both sides and separating them into the new Bad Guys. Alas, the betrayal fell flat for me and just had me wondering why nobody was rushing to get Charles to a doctor.  Pulling a bullet out of his spine with your power was probably not the best way to go about things; no wonder he ends up in a wheel chair.

Bonus Paragraph!  Best. Line. Ever.  Wolverine's reaction to being recruited.  Hee!!