Sunday, September 25, 2011

3 Short Paragraphs: Fall 2011 (pt 2)

Kent says he cannot stand shows with laugh tracks,which I am pretty much immune to, and that there are no more shows done "in front of a live studio audience."  That sounded wrong to me but then I listened to a couple of the ones I watch and, he was right, obvious laugh tracks. And then I heard the words at the start of Whitney and I... could... not... stop... noticing... the audience. I wasn't sure if it was the volume of that crowd or the fact I am now noticing it... all... the... time. Anywayz, sitcom about a girl who writes something and shares the name of the girl who actually writes & produces the show -- and she is the girl who also stars as said girl. She is loud and has a nice BF and annoying friends, but strangely enough, I didn't hate anyone. And once again, thought maybe not said here in this blog, I do like shows where people crack jokes so the other person in the scene laughs, not just for our sake.

So, on to the other two non-laugh track sitcoms we watched this weekend (not as they aired, because, well i download just about everything) and they are about people roughly my age who I cannot relate to whatsoever. First we have Up All Night where Christina Applegate and Will Arnett are new parents. New parents and highly successful & wealthy -- two shots against my lifestyle. From their work hard play hard lives they are now adjusting to parenting. She's back at work missing the baby and taking care of a different set of kids; he's at home playing challenged daddy and both of them are attempting to survive the subject of just about every conversation around the lunch table at work -- sleeplessness, poop, crying and never going out again.  And like work, I will probably just end up nodding & smiling should I ever watch the show again.

The other side of the adult-not-like-me fence is the newly divorced, highly successful main character.  But Free Agents is going to be less about a person's lifestyle and more about Hank Azaria's Alex and his work & his love life. It's a workplace sitcom but whoah, does it have a budget. I have to say that I watched the layout of the show as much as I chuckled at Azaria's witty asides.  Where is this shot? Some small mid-west city? It just seemed clean and crisp and fresh. Yeah, this is the kind of stuff I think about when I watch sitcoms I wouldn't generally watch even if I have nothing really to complain about. But I wonder... is this a romantic comedy or a workplace comedy? Is this about the two mains interacting or more about the crazy boss, the vicious EA and the nerdy assistant? Hmmm...