Saturday, September 30, 2017

3 Short Paragraphs: The Intern

2015, Nancy Meyers (What Women Want) -- Netflix

From White Saviour to Old White Guy Saviour. Robert De Niro is a wealthy retiree who takes a senior internship at the wildly success Internet startup owned by Anne Hathaway.  I can only assume Hathaway is playing a younger role, as 35 is not all that young to be running a successful web-business, and the premise is that she is supposed to be young and inexperienced, despite her success. He comes into the company at the same time her VC investors want her to take on a CEO, to handle the business side of stuff, while she steps back and focuses on .... other things? She is not too keen on that idea.

For most part, the movie is typical chick flick charming and surprisingly, Robert De Niro, whom we are more used to playing cantankerous or intimidating, is rather convincing as the affable old business guy. Much of the movie has him bolstering her confidence, making sure she understands she was the founder and that the company couldn't be where it was without her. But there are some off inserts of him and his old school business acumen coming to the rescue. I preferred him as mentor, not saviour, especially as he makes friends with the other interns hired at the same time as him.

Hired? I got a strong feeling, though it was never said outright, that these were classic interns, i.e. no or little pay; below entry level. For him, presented as a classic business man who worked hard and earned success and money, its fine. But for the others, I doubt they could afford their NY / Brooklyn digs on such money. The idea that even today people are supposed to be happy for the "opportunities" presented to them, secondary to the economic compensation they deserve, irks the fuck out of me. But American Dream and all, blah blah blah. Still, a decent light little movie.

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