Friday, February 26, 2016

3 Short Paragraphs: Absolutely Anything

2015, Terry Jones (Erik the Viking) -- download

I love Simon Pegg, I love Terry Jones and I love godcomplex movies. Bruce Almighty did it before, Click has done it (and had Kate Beckinsale to boot) -- a movie where someone is given godlike powers and things go hilariously wrong. Things do go wrong in the movie, but hilarity is hard to find.

I watched this movie in two sittings, as is my wont these days. Life always interrupts. Attentions wane. The first sitting had me watching in detail the humorous antics between Pegg's schoolteacher Neil, with his crush on the gorgeous neighbour (Beckinsale)  and his alien-given magic hand. Said aliens are a council of Monty Python actors testing to see if humans are worthy of obliteration or continued existence. He does fun things, silly things and selfish things only to be done in each time by a childish version of the genie's lamp wish -- liberal interpretation. Then it hits that key point, that happened just as I was moving onto sitting two.

The number one antic for socially awkward lonely men to do, once they get powers, is make the the girl of their dreams love them. Or just have sex with them. And you get the latter is rape, right? If she has no choice because you control All, then you are basically forcing her. Icky. The movie tries to get around the uncomfortable bit by having him lose his powers for a brief period (unbeknownst to him) and Kate getting drunk & horny. They have sex. He thinks he made her do it and feels terrible. It was a cute way of sidestepping the issue, but it really didn't. He could have said no, because she was drunk. Suddenly, after that deed, the movie falls apart as if it lost its direction. Things just got sillier without any introspection and couldn't be dragged up by Robin Williams as a dog. But at least Pegg made some money so he can get to making the next Star Wars & Star Trek movies.