Tuesday, September 15, 2015

3 Short Paragraphs: Insurgent

2015, Robert Schwentke (Red, R.I.P.D) -- download

Next up we have the sequel, next in the series, of Hunger Games Light. Dystopia, teenage girl protagonist, rebellion against a more power authority. And like the second Hunger Games, the second Divergent is where things really rebel. And yet, again, I am still not sure how being divergent plays into anything other than as a DNA marker for being a rebel. Whatever, not important. It's now a DNA marker for being insurgent.

The first ended with the main character running away, after exposing the evil leaders corrupting their form of government (a society broken into like minded ideals like intelligence, strength, selflessness, etc.) through mind control, deception and eradication. The hero(ine) runs away into... well, we are not quite sure, but I assume it had to be outside that really cool wall that surrounds the post apoc ruins of Chicago. I mean, they do farm out there, at least just outside the walls. But waaaay beyond the wall, only monsters lie. But no, apparently there was a wooded area we were previously unaware of and the farmers also live there. It's green, it's rural but it's still inside the wall. And that is where the gang ran.

The rest of the movie is a choppy bunch of terrible editing (terrible editing? probably technically fine but story wise, it blew) and an entirely forgettable plot about the evil leaders pretending they hadn't been exposed and carrying on with their previous nefarious, albeit derailed plans. Previously, being divergent meant you couldn't be mind controlled but that is no longer relevant, so now, being divergent means you potentially can open a bright battery powered box. This box supposedly has the original society designer's plans. Why the society designer would leave that hidden away inside of a poorly hidden analogy for Pandora's Box, I am not sure. But you need ____gent people to open it. So, scene scene scene after irrelevant scene leads to opening the box and finding out that divergent people were the plan all along. Society designers just like to fuck with people, so it seems. Just look at The Maze Runner if you doubt me.