Tuesday, August 25, 2015

3 Short Paragraphs: Transit

2012, Antonio Negret -- netflix

I refuse to start a new category for this blog, where I purposely watch and reflect upon Straight to VOD movies. I will end up doing enough of that unintentionally, when that mood strikes on Netflix. That mood where you swing through your My List twice going, "Not in the mood, nah, too heavy, too stupid, nah, not tonight..." Then you start browsing the site's terrible categorization, created just to force you to watch stuff it says is in your wheelhouse but usually is just meant to increase their numbers in some arcane formula you cannot hope to understand.

It has Jim Caviesel, whom I have liked long before Person of Interest and not just because I stood behind him in EB Games while he bought a World of Warcraft strategy book, back in the day when WOW meant something. It also has James Frain, that British guy who is in everything but whose name you cannot put to the face, until you see him and go, "Oh he's THAT guy." Also, he likes to play intense bad guys, but when you first see him on screen, you just cannot take that pudgy smooshy face seriously as a bad guy, until he talks. Then, yep, scary. So, Jim is the dad, the good guy and James is the criminal, the bad guy.

Family on vacation trying to reconnect gets mixed up in the Evil Plan of some homicidal bank robbers. Their destinies become entwined when they both get stopped at a roadblock, and the Bad Guys hide their stuff in the Good Guy's car. Dear cops running road blocks -- if you cannot identify the Bad Guys by sight, look for the people wearing only black and driving a matt black muscle car. Pretty good chance they are the Bad Guys. Jim has to defend his family from said Bad Guys, which apparently is the only way his family will trust him again, after his stint in jail for white collar crime. Terrible movie which disappointed Marmy immensely because it set the third act in a gator infested bayou and NO ONE WAS EATEN BY GATORS !  Poo.

Pretty good poster, in a early 2000s grungy way I still appreciate.