Monday, March 2, 2015

3+1 Short Paragraphs: In Your Eyes

2014, Brin Hill -- download

In Your Eyes is the relatively unknown romantic flick written by Joss Whedon and released entirely, and solely, online.  I am not sure if it ever hit any cinema chains. Its part of a new generation of movies & TV that launche via new media, and kind of doesn't care much about the old media. No, don't include it in the Straight to X bucket of eras past -- these are people producing A Grade product but just releasing it via different means.  It was also produced by Whedon's company Bellwether, known for the great Much Ado About Nothing.

The movie is about Rebecca and Dylan, who have a connection. She's a upper crust young woman from New Hampshire; he's an ex-con from New Mexico. They can see through each other's eyes and hear through each other's ears. They can feel what each other feels. They misunderstood this connection almost all their lives but now, at a point of importance in their lives, they make the connection and actually begin communicating. Its not Romeo & Juliet, but more than geography is keeping them apart.

This is a love story seen not only through strangers' eyes but through a soft focus lense. They fall for each other when nothing about the two would ever connect them in real life. He lives in a trailer, she in a McMansion. He cannot keep a job and she's a socialite, married to a doctor. But connect they do, like penpals but with a supreme amount of intimacy. And yes, it leads to that kind of intimacy. They can share like no two strangers can.

It is very possible the story could have severed their connection or explored the whys and hows. But no, this was about the intimacy and tenderness shared. They meet, they learn about each other and they fall in love, but with a hint of magic not needing explanation. It was lovely.