Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3-1 Short Paragraphs: Escape Plan

2013, Mikael Håfström (The Rite) -- download

OK, I am going to stop posting about movies that I don't even have the attention span to stay in the room while watching, nor keep awake. I was doing dishes, wandering about. And I think I nodded off sometime just before the climax of the movie but I admit, that has been a problem of late, even if I am enjoying the movie. I have become my dad, sans armchair. But he was doing that at 7pm and I am doing it at 10pm.

Arnie and Sylvester join together for a movie about professionally breaking out of prisons. Stallone is supposed to be the book writing expert, but really, I cannot take him seriously as he tries to sound educated while talking with a mouth full of marbles and hitting on his assistant. He gets stuck in a (do you really care about spoilers on this one!?!?) floating prison with Arnie, who actually comes off as rather intelligent, in comparison. Meanwhile, The Man in the Suit (Jim Caviezel) is a sadistic "warden" trying to foil their escape plan. There are expected plot twists, unrealistic escapes and lots of punching, shooting, unfortunate mook deaths (I felt kind of sorry for some of these guys, probably having taken the only security job they could find) and yawns.  And they escape.