Sunday, July 7, 2013

3 Short Paragraphs: Silent Hill: Revelation

2012, Michael J. Bassett (Solomon) -- download

A room crowded with decaying medical equipment and skewed, decaying nurses. Sexy nurses, in tight short uniforms like those worn in mockery on Halloween but further marred by a lack of faces. The statuesque creatures have only twisted, distorted fleshy globes above their... low cut fleshy globes.  Strapped to a gurney, Kit Harrington (yes, Jon Snow) struggles in silence. For if he makes a sound, the contorted nurse creatures will attack. And thus Sharon/Heather has to free him with as little sound as possible. All whispered demands, all cutting of leather straps, all grunting in pain causes the nurses to snap into action, swinging blades and giant cartoon syringes.

This is the kind of scene that again makes up the sequel to the video game movie, Silent Hill. We have elements from the video game(s) mixed with classic horror suspense, the kind that provides false tension as we know both characters have to survive a certain amount of time before their clocks run out. They are more compelling for their set design and decently done practical special effects. The nurses, just begging to be reproduced by booth bunnies at a horror con, are creepy, sexily well done as is the rest of the Silent Hill world, that other dimension created in response to the town founders' evil acts. But plots are tenuous and distracting in the this movie, and thus easily dispensed with.

If anything, these movies are ones where Sean Bean is a survivor. The first has him chasing his wife into the town as she becomes trapped in the Otherworld while trying to deciper her (adopted) daughter's trauma. In this movie, he has been running from his daughter's legacy while hiding all circumstances around her mother's disappearance. Again, he ends up chasing his loved one into the mists but (oddly) lives again, to perhaps be the protagonist of the next movie? Now that Sharon has absorbed her other half, the extracted nasty essence of the burned witch child Alessa, I am not sure what is keeping the dark Otherworld burning but it must be, for what would Bean be staying behind in?