Sunday, June 2, 2013

3 Short Paragraphs: Last Night

2010, Massy Tadjedin -- download

Infidelity is an uncomfortable subject to talk about for many. As people have different ideas of what can be considered as "cheating" it quickly becomes a contentious conversation. Is watching porn cheating? Is a close friendship with the sexually compatible cheating? Does it require sex? Does it require intimacy? What is worse, meaningless sex or incredible intimacy lacking sex?  These are basic questions that come into play in this movie, but as a good movie should, it does not answer any questions for you, just presents the story and lets you make up your mind. Or rather, remain conflicted.

Joanna (Keira Knightley) and Michael (Sam Worthington) are the beautiful people in beautiful lives. They live in a massive apartment in Manhattan, live rewarding lives (he in real estate, her a writer "of articles") and wanting for nothing. So, complication comes in the form of a chance noticing at a party, where Michael's new coworker attends. Joanna notices that the coworker Laura (Eva Mendes) is beautiful and suspects that Michael is interested in her. The noticing quickly degrades into infidelity suspicions and an argument. The next day Michael leaves for a business weekend in Phily, where Laura will attend. And as (bad) luck will have it, Joanna runs into an old lover and they reconnect.

I spent as much time watching these people live their wealthy lives as I did listening to their conversations about their connections to each other. They are also intelligent, well educated people who actually discuss their feelings, whether with honesty or masqueraded attempts at such. I am very very aware of money these days so I wanted to yell at them about how good they have it. They also had a very good marriage, so that is what I should have been yelling at the screen about. For both, for different reasons, really betray any forms of fidelity they believed in.  And both were left with little despite sex or no-sex. No liberating answers to the difficult questions in their lives. Just hurt.