Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Short Paragraphs: Premium Rush

2012, David Koepp (Stir of Echoes) -- download

Michael Shannon is that guy, that guy with the distinctive voice and the poppy eyes that will spend most of his career playing just shy of the main character.  Most often he is the quirky supporting cast member or the antagonist.  He plays a mean bad guy, excuse the pun.  I mean, just watch him in this reading of the recent sorority email:

So, that guy, right?  The perfect goomba no?  He also plays a decent corrupt cop, Bobby Monday, in Premium Rush.  This is one fucked up guy, at that point in his life where things are just falling apart, where his criminal activities are finally catching up with him.  He has to get the red herring macguffin back from Wilee (Gordon-Levitt) or his life ends.  But considering his behaviour getting it back, its not like he will have much after.  Thus, red red herring macguffin .

You see, Wilee is a cocky, arrogant bike courier who has to deliver the red herring macguffin and runs afoul of Monday, who wants it back.  Cocky meets psycho.  We get a cartoonish, stylish movie of a guy escaping from a crazy cop, on his fixed gear bike, no brakes.  No brakes is important.  Well, important to Wilee.  But I couldn't help but look at Wilee and his bike courier crew and think back to the 90s post-apoc show Dark Angel and wish it really had been Jessica Alba and her cat-DNA riding that bike, escaping the evil cop, imagining scenarios in her head (which we get to peek at) and finding the one that lets her (him) pass through the intersection unharmed and ahead of the bad guy.  But Gordon-Levitt was pretty enough, and more than entertaining in the role.  Fun movie, just more for the performances than anything else.