Tuesday, April 23, 2013

3 Short Paragraphs: Men in Black 3

The recent trailer for R.I.P.D. made me quip, "So, it's MIB but with the dead??"  That does say something, in that back in 1997 (!!!) a micro-genre was established.  I think that we can forgive a creator for using a comic book based plot device, almost twenty years after another comic book based plot device set the bar.  It's not like the predecessor did much else with the privilege.

I did not like MIB2, in that it was a tired recycling of the elements that made the first one fun but nothing original.  I was glad they waited a few years to make the new one, hoping the sour taste would leave my brain.  I guess it did for I was not overly annoyed by the new one.  But nor was I impressed. You would think that a timeline reset would give them a chance to introduce an entirely new MIB agency to play with, but no, it does the sequel two-step as well and rehashes what we chuckled at in the first movie.  Where it shines is when J is forced to time jump (or leap) back to the 60s to save K.

Its a rather charming romp into the past where J realizes exactly how much of a connection he has with K while trying to stop one of the best villains in the series, Boris the Animal.  Its what you need in these movies, a monster serial killer who creeps you out while chewing up the scenery with a mouthful of alien teeth, and crawling claws.  But the brilliance came with the question, "Who would we get to play Tommy Lee Jones as a younger fella?"  And the answer is Josh Brolin.  Heh.