Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Post 1: Welcome

Hi, I'm Graig. He's David.
We sometimes disagree about movies and things, so we started a blog to commemorate such differences of opinions.

We're not entirely sure yet how things are going to go here. We don't know whether we're both going to comment on the same movies/stuff in the same posts, or whether we will write posts separate but linking back to the other's posts and have a back and forth that way, or if we'll just copy and paste chat sessions, or have sometimes a short video of us arguing, or a podcast thereof, or all of the above.
Let's just say, for now, anything goes. Format be damned.

A little about us, in case you're curious:
I'm Graig.
My middle name is David. My father's name is David. My uncle's name is David.
He's also David.
His middle name is not Graig, nor does he have any family members named Graig. He has a brother named Greg, but that doesn't count.